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Keeping a Break


This past week has been lots of fun.  I have started re-reading Anna Karenina by Tolstoy, seen Tangled and Skyline (possibly best and worst movie of the year respectively, haha), played eukre and Scrabble and Taboo with friends and family, eaten countless slices of delicious pumpkin bread, enjoyed being on four sets at IHOP, beaten several songs on Guitar Hero, and slept almost 12 hours of any given day.  It is a wonderful life—and I am indeed hoping for a white Christmas.

Tomorrow I start working again, and suddenly the hours of the day will shorten into minutes.  I will be sleep deprived and intensely driven, full of ideas, and never quiet.  But I hope that somehow the little bit of “quiet” I have enjoyed in my soul the last four days will last me until Christmas break.



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