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Are You Happy, Do You Know It?

Playing around with a bit of a theme…

…sorry the aquarium is a bit of a background noise, haha.

Skimming BBC

I am always alone
Under the covers of my mind
No thought slips in but what I put in

Fast broaches the dawn of discontent
Hours with swelling need and vacant desire
No energy just a sucking
A sucking of all that is
To the place of hurt that I hope will
Die by
The side of my gathered calamities
The moments of being that aren’t mine but should keep
Deep in the well of an educated soul
Fresh places of pain for all hours of the day

w h a t i s

What is a flimsy breath that turns the lightest thought to stone
What is a pestilence that masquerades as healthy antiseptic for the giddy soul
What is a mirage that dwarfs experiential minutia under the shadow of its immensity
What is an unholy overthrow of sight and sound
What is a more constant companion than the three muses, insinuated among each inhalation
What is Failure multiplied by Expectation and divided by Fear
What is unfaithfulness to sanctified intuition
What is disuse of communion
What is a recession of bravery like waves withdrawing themselves eternally into a sea with widening beaches and bleached sand exposed to the sun until there is no water to quench the thirsty tongue of hope
What is a state of being the opposite of your dearest desire and wildest guilty ambition
What is
What is
What is
What, Is?
What IS!
What is.