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So now I’ve been waiting 6.5 hours this week
For something to happen that will give me more life
Or fill the productal void of my daily rhythm
Making it possible to keep going on the continuum
Of things that happen or you happen to others
And I wonder I query
When the waiting will take on the signifying signs
Beyond the tick of time
To become what was worth the waiting in the first place.


Port to Air

Breathing waiting
Sleeping wishing
Cough cough
Whisper buzz
Can I charge here?
Little kid boy baby
Huge bags
Bag bag everywhere
Colors mostly black or sad or old
Who knows you?
Can you read my name on the ticket?


Michigan Sky

Velvet isn’t always black or dark or deep.
Sometimes it’s sharp and clear and high
Like a Michigan sky.

The loveliest silk washed o’er the high ways,
Frosty tops and homespun bellies
Bulging with the lake-weary winds
Turning home to the dry prairie tickles.

My green soul leaps with the cherry-throated grosbeak
To meet the goddess of the Air full-stretched across my face.

The lush season of the sunbeams is nigh
And many a pliant wood rejoices in the un-freeze.
Wrap us up in cattail down and tuck into the summer.