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Full-eaten belly crumbs tumble within
My thoughts fly apart
And turn again and rend me
Free of the foul-some breath of confusion
Down the back of my neck
As I walk away from what fades
To come what may
I see the Day
Bright-dawning o’er the crystal ridge
Of the past-present-future-in-One.

My spyglass full-full of pleasures and pain
Dancing the love song from here to Zion
One blistered step per moment of time
As the rhythm of Him marks my motion,
Witnessed and sworn, in blood adorned,
Trailing violent joy behind me in caravan and canopy high.


The Pleasure of Sitting

Pets get to do it all day, sitting.
I get to do it all day in my office, sitting.
People think you’re lazy if they catch you, sitting.
Sometimes your body insists you spend some time, sitting.
But muscles rebel and seize up sorely if you take one attitude too long, sitting.

Finding the sweet spot of sitting is trickier than it seems, and it’s so very rare that my psyche is unprepared to enjoy it, when I get that moment of peace to just…sit.


Being Super

Wanting to be a hero doesn’t make the moment happen
But deep deep deep
Look farther and find proximity
Of hopes and possibilities
Under the human hide
That hides the bindings
Of dust and starlight
Within the wandering atoms of our frame.

Fear not the quaking sobs of lonely moon-days
But grope the interstitial spaces
For the subtle synergies of want and desire
That birth our destined greatness.