Beach = Vacation?

suspended in "work world" or "out to sea" for some R&R?

suspended in "work world" or "out to sea" for some R&R?

My sister and I are looking forward to a visit to Panama City, FL.  We have been doing so for weeks now, but it seems there are a few catches.

For example, lesson planning.  Being a teach means you have to lesson plan, you want to lesson plan, and lesson planning makes your life easier.

Another example, being older.  Being older means you don’t have to read the fine print and discover that your hotel won’t let you stay there even though you paid them for the rooms in advance.

So much for vacation.  My heart is in two places: home and beach.  And so far, looks like home will go to the beach with me but we might be stranded on the sea shore selling seashells to pay for another condo…

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