The Paradox of R&R

Peer pressure for endorphins?

Peer pressure for endorphins?

Exercising gives you endorphins, right?  Those happy little hormones (or something like that, haha) that make you feel rejuvenated and inspired.  I am definitely on board with this scientific fact since I see it play out each time I go to my ballet class.  I always feel better about the world and in command of my sphere when I leave the studio.

And then they say rest and relaxation is important to reduce stress, right?  For me that usually translates into sleeping in and reading in bed, which I love.  The warm sun slanting through my window blinds and all that.  But I have noticed that more often than not, I feel groggy after a long sleep.  And I usually have more than one mood clinging to my soul because of multiple involved and usually dramatic dreams.  So I finally roll out of bed feeling like a failure because I haven’t done anything, don’t feel like doing anything, and actually agree that I’m probably useless for the remainder of the day.

So much for R&R.

Any cures?

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