I Dreamed a…Mansion

Had a lovely dream last night—in a mansion filled with many rooms.

warm and delicate

warm and delicate

I love the geography of my dreams.  Many times, I will revisit places I have been before.  And I remember the way, the layout, the smells, the feel of the fabrics.  This one mansion is particular is very luxurious—in a French Louis XV villa sort of way.  It is full of trunks and bronze statues and antique books and mahogany clocks and ash wood floors and chintz divans and gold…lots of intricate, almost Rococo gold detail.

perhaps time does tell

perhaps time does tell

One of the most curious happenings in my dream was my explanation to friends in the dream that we were, in fact, in a dream. how did I know that? Has Inception boggled my mind? Or do we really experience interactions with other people—with the part of themselves that is ours, embedded in our relationship?

When we get to the Hereafter, how many things will we discover we did in other people’s dreams? Do those actions cling to us in the daylight hours?

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