((( Voice )))

Hearing my voice on the radio today was quite the surreal experience.  It is said (perhaps only by me) that each person is a 1000 pieces at any given moment: who you are this second is who you were the next and no two seconds are alike.  Patterns emerge, and shapes form as recurring points in a given plane.  But really, people are the most elastic things on the planet.

What I sounded like recycled through my cell phone, the GA cell tower, the AT&T satellite, the host’s phone, the recording software, the editing software, the computer’s audio output, the radio website audio platform, and back through my own computer speakers was so other than myself.  But at the same time, me.  I was struck with how powerful my voice is.  It survived that harrowing journey!  And came out fresh and alive—like a person.

reflections on my self in Spring 2009Sometimes when my parakeets chatter too loudly.  When the commuter traffic drowns my gabbing.  When the stereo pulse absorbs my harmonies.  Sometimes in those moments I feel the strength in my voice rise to the occasion, and sometimes in those moments I feel its existence as intimately as the tree that falls in the forest that nobody hears.

But what’s absolutely, utterly glorious about the human voice is that it never really dies.  It is always amplified—reverberating through the plastic and metal universe we’ve built around our fragile bodies—and it reaches into your soul and says ” I am.”

There is nothing more comforting and ‘couraging than talking to yourself.

    • Marielle
    • July 1st, 2011

    Love how you describe this, Jessica! How come you got to be on the radio?? That is so cool! 🙂 xxx

      • Reisytal
      • July 4th, 2011

      Thanks, lady 🙂 I was on the radio show “TRAFFICKED” hosted by Dottie Laster in San Antonio, TX on Here Women Talk Radio. She invited me to speak about the organization I work for, Meet Justice—-specially about our awareness program for doctors and nurses and our upcoming graphic novel on human trafficking in the United States. When the show is archived, I’ll post a link to it 😉

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