Hello Twitterverse

hello September

hello September

Twitter trends crack me up.

10:02 p.m. #Goodbye August

10:41 p.m. #Hello September

Isn’t is amazing that we can now track what thousands and thousands of people are thinking about?  And even with all the tracking, there are so few surprises.  We all have the same basic rhythm, the same primary needs, the same mood swings.

It reminded me of when I first started working retail.  It was like all our customers coordinated a full-on assault!  Out of nowhere, suddenly there would be 20 customers needing personal attention.  Then, as quickly and supernaturally has they appeared, they would vanish, leaving carnage of tried-on clothing in their wake.

Yup.  People are people.  August is hot and slightly inspirational; September is moody and evocative—and slightly annoying, because you suddenly realized that you overcommitted yourself in back in inspirational August.  We think of ourselves as being different…but we’re not.

who's gonna lead the army?

who's gonna lead the army?

Maybe I’ll ask my friends from Australia: are they are predictable as we are?  Do Australians feel about September the way Americans do?  Are there such things as global trends—because the universe as scientists know it is expanding, but the Twitterverse is shrinking, pulling us closer and closer until we’ll all be the same.

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