Two Minute Soul

Hello, my dear readers.

Today, instead of writing, I’d like to share two minutes of soul with you.  Using lovely iPhone voice memo technology, I’ve recorded my improvisation on the piano, expressing my thoughts.  It is necessarily gritty—but it occupies my space.  It is necessarily brief—but it is contemporaneous with my own experience.  May you enjoy, and perhaps, even dialog.

\”10-10-11_8-19-21pm\” by Jessica Reis

reflections of life : my piano

reflections of life : my piano

    • improvmandan3333
    • October 11th, 2011

    WOW! Gritty you say? Far from that it was sweet & beautiful and … well pretty. Thanks for posting a message beyond words. Made my day. I shall be listening again to your improvised sound. You are someone I am glad to have found. Sending Aloha from Maui. Improvmandan.

      • Reisytal
      • October 11th, 2011

      Thanks very much for the kind words! It made my day to hear that someone found and enjoyed what I shared. I am looking forward to posting more music; it’s such a powerful way to communicate. Hello from Atlanta!

        • improvmandan3333
        • October 12th, 2011

        Those are special voices from within….. (your piano composition Reistal)… Go to that place of expression more often. Best Wishes, Dan

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