Responsibility and Reward

I’ve been contemplating–crazy, I know–the difference between facing life as if it is a responsibility and facing life as if it is a reward.

I recently got to travel for a long weekend, and even though I was very busy throughout my vacation–even waking up earlier than I get up at home!–I felt immensely refreshed.  Each day was like an exquisite gift; I didn’t mind expending my energy on it because I knew that I would never have another day quite like it.  And although I “earned” the reprieve by my hard work and frugal planning, it was also something made possible only by the generosity of those around me who opened their homes and wallets to give me a fantastic holiday.

And honestly?  Each day that I work hard is made possible by the generous support of the One Who loves my soul.  (And, no, He doesn’t do it for a cute tote bag as a thank you for His donation.)

Life isn’t easy, and there are strings tied to every fiber of our being that the world around us likes to pull and stretch, sometimes until the line just pops and you know a great thing is gone forever.  But each string doesn’t have to dictate the way I move; I can muscle my way into a dance, a rejoicing in the day that fills my soul with delight and liberates my heart from the oppression of puppeteering.  And with each struggle to find the giggle (or grimace) that my heart feels in each dawn, my strength will grow and my dance get longer, more fluid, and more sure.

So, here’s to tomorrow: may it be a joy set before me!

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